Sunday March 13 2022

Monday August 10 2020
        Kym R. — Cut and Blow — The city is a bad hairstylist — they trimmed our beautiful trees; no warning — too much sky. Mercury in retrograde.

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Know your neuromodulators, injectables, volumizers, fillers and peels.

Monday August 17 2020
        UnknownColor, Cut and Blow — Never has someone made such a scene from my chair. “You’ve ruined my life!!” Etc. Etc. I have such raging l’esprit de l'escalier! Of course on a day with new clients all around. But returned her venom with firm grace and apology. Thought it wise not to unleash; “I can’t afford a whole new set of enemies.” She didn’t pay; I should have had her arrested. Cigarette?

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Monday August 24 2020
        Hannah J. — Cut and Blow — it is remarkable how much this woman looks like Marisa Berenson in Death in Venice. Too beautiful really, distractingly so. Especially looking at this autumn leaf of a face. I think she’s a lawyer too. Oh and she’s nice. A nice, gorgeous shark in the water.

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Monday August 31 2020
        Tracy M. — Color, Cut and Blow — The new salon is brilliant. Aqueous filtered light everywhere — otherworldly. Nicholas is a master. I am broke but worth it. He even remembered the quince blossoms. Long, noble Quince flanking every station. I’m in ecstasy.

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Old Wiccan Charm For Blessing Your Station

Monday September 7 2020
        Ella H. — Cut and Blow — So hungover. Hands shaking. A sweating queasy mess. And my face — I know It’s not advisable for a man to wear so much concealer, but what can be done? My eyes look like tires with a bit of red in the middle. Worried that the mask will collapse into a client’s lap. A lovely night with Julian though. No one is so attractive and so present. His lower back is a topography of dreams. Talked of going away.

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